Applications for College Residential Positions

Welcome to the help page. Below is a list of FAQs that may help you use the application.

What is the "Applications for Residential Life Positions" Application?

The "Applications for Residential Life Positions" application is a website used by the Dean of Students Office to collect applications from people who apply for residential life positions in the housing system. If you are reading this, you have been asked to participate in the applicant review process for one of these residential life organizations (e.g. Houses, Dorms).

How does the applicants' information get in the system?

People who apply to be House tutors or First Year Proctors log-in to this application which allows them to choose which position and organization(s) they would like to apply to. Applicants also answer a standard set of questions. Applicants also upload a formatted resume, submit a text version of the resume, and submit separate cover letters to each organization that they are applying to.

What are roles?

There are three basic roles that people who are authorized to use this application can have. They are Reviewers, Commenters and Admins.

Commenters can view, rate, and comment on each application. They can only see their own comments and rating for any application.

Reviewers have all the capabilities of a Commenter. In addition, Reviewers can see the ratings/comments submitted by everyone, and they can update the status of an application to any of the following: Application Received, Interview, Finalist, Position Offered, Hired, Waitlist, On Hold or Not Under Consideration.

Administrators have all the capabilities of a Reviewer. In addition, they can modify the lists of Commenters and Reviewers. To access these lists, click the 'Admin' link on the top navigation bar.

I am an Admin for my house. How can I add people to be Commenters and Reviewers?

Administrators can look up a person using their Harvard ID or name, and add them to the system as a Reviewer, Commenter or administrator for a House. People's roles may be removed by clicking on the 'Delete' button to the right of their name.